Spring Yard Zone
Sonic Spring Yard
First appearence

Sonic The Hegehog


An urban, pinball-like zone


South Island

Nearby areas

Marble Zone
Labyrinth Zone

(story mode)

Dr. Robotnik

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Spring Yard Zone is the 3rd level from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. It follows the Marble Zone and precedes the Labyrinth Zone.

It is an urban level with many springs and bumpers, resembling a pinball machine. There are many secret areas in this zone. This zone's design inspired many similar stages in future Sonic games. Act 2 has two Robotnik signs (ends) and as such, can be ended through two possible routes (one of the only two levels in Sonic history with more than one exit, the other being Collision Chaos Zone 2 in Sonic CD). At the end of Act 3, Dr. Robotnik attacks with a spike-equipped craft that slowly removes the blocks Sonic stands on. Spring Yard Zone (or Sparkling Zone) was the first zone created and finished.

Sonic DriftEdit

Drift Spring Yard

Spring Yard from Sonic Drift.

The Spring Yard appears as a track in the game Sonic Drift, alongside other Sonic 1 Zones.