Season One Edit

1.Heads Or Tails

2.Sonic Boom

3.Sonic And Sally

4.Ultra Sonic

5.Sonic And The Secret Scrolls

6.Super Sonic

7.Sonic Racer

8.Hooked On Sonics

9.Harmonic Sonic

10.Sonic's Nightmare

11.Warp Sonic

12.Sub Sonic

13.Sonic Past Cool

Season Two Edit

14.Game Guy

15.Sonic Conversion 

16.No Brainer

17. Blast To The Past  (Part I)

18.Blast To The Past (Part II)

19.Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted


21.The Void

22.The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca

23.Cry Of The Wolf

24.Drood Henge


26.The Doomsday Project

Season Three Edit

27.Beware Of The AfterMaths (Part One)

28.Beware Of The AfterMaths (Part Two)

29.The Journal

30.He Is Back 

31.Sonic's Family Return

32.Meet The Knuckles

33.That's The Spirit (Part One)

34.That's The Spirit (Part Two)

35.Robotnik'S Return

36.Get Ready For The Battle

37.Dulcy 2

38.The Big Sacrifices

39.The Showdown With Snively Naugus And Robotnik (Part One)

40.The Showdown With Snively Naugus And Robotnik (Part Two)

Season Four Edit

41.Robotnik's New Great Debut

42.Cluck's Return