The Knuckles Tribe is a tribe of echidnas seen in Sonic Adventure, whose last chief was Pachacamac, and who are the ancestors of Knuckles.

4,000 years before the games, the Knuckles Clan declared war on the Nocturnus Tribe, a rival group of Echidnas, as the Nocturnus Clan did not want the Knuckles Clan to take their territory. So, the Knuckles Clan turned to the Chaos Emeralds for help, but were destroyed by Chaos because of their greed. When Chaos was sealed away by Tikal, the massive amount of Chaos energy lifted the Master Emerald shrine, becoming Angel Island. The remnants of the Knuckles Tribe eventually became known as the Mystic Ruins. Still, some survivors of the Knuckles Clan remained the protectors of the Master Emerald for a long time, eventually leading to the current one, Knuckles.

The males of the Knuckles tribe sport white, intricate tattoos across their heads and arms and have gloves similar to those of Knuckles. The males are also the only members of the tribe to possess the spiky protrusions/knuckles from their gloves. The females primarily work on agricultural projects, staying at home to clean and care for the children. Also, only males wear boxing gloves. Female wears normal gloves like Sonic, and have visible fingers.


  • Pachacamac (Chief) (deceased)
  • Pahacamac's Wife (unnamed) (deceased)
  • Tikal (Pahacamac's Daughter)
  • Tikal's Grandmother (unnamed) (deceased)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Guardian of the Master Emerald)
  • Various soldiers.

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