Sh Egg Fleet

Egg Fleet

Thirteenth level, Sonic Heroes
Level cliché: Flying Fortress/Death Egg cliché
OSV: Complete Trinity Sonic Heroes - Original Soundtrax

The Egg Fleet (in Shadow the Hedgehog, it is confirmed that its full name is the Eggman Fleet) is Dr. Eggman's armada of heavily-armed aerial battleships. Many of the ships are fish-themed in design. The Egg Fleet first appeared (as a stage of the same name) in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Heroes Edit

Eggman launches the Egg Fleet so he could conquer the world. Once the teams get through Mystic Mansion, they board the Egg Fleet, Sonic to defeat Eggman, Shadow for his past, Amy for Sonic and the Chaotix to get their money. The first stage set on the ships of the Egg Fleet is just called "Egg Fleet", although there is a subsequent stage in the same setting, named Final Fortress. The boss battle is the Egg Emperor, the last set of stages/bosses in the game before the Final Story.

Shadow the Hedgehog Edit

Main Article: Sky Troops

The Eggman Fleet returns when Shadow goes solo. In the Action Stage Sky Troops, Eggman launches his Eggman Fleet against the Black Arms' invasion forces. The Hero Mission is to assist Eggman in crushing the Glyphic Canyon ruin-ships, the Neutral Mission is to board the flagship, and the Dark Mission is to fulfill Black Doom's diabolical deed of destroying every last one of Eggman's battleships.

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