Fan art was not made by Aoi. As such it is not used as reference material for this article.

Aoi's Comical Highway is an archive of unofficial Sonic parody comics and bonus art material. The art style used is a mix between Sonic CD (in which all characters have the classic black eye color) and Sonic Adventure (all characters have their current designs). The featured media and characters include:

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The character relationships here are somewhat different than those in the games. For example, Knuckles seems to be one of the most hated (or at least picked-on) characters. The other characters constantly hit him, tease him about his hair, and fight him over pudding. As well, several characters that would often fight usually hang out at Tikal's ramen shop. Big happens to have no relationship with the characters aside from his game tie-ins, but his constantly makes cameo appearances by accidentally squishing the others. Characters that usually don't cross-over often with Sonic do make constant appearances, NiGHTS most of all.

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  • There are two comics that reference Mario, and they are both puns on how Maria and Mario are similar in name.
  • Even though several of these games include Metal Sonic, he is not in any of Aoi's artwork.
  • Sonic's buckles are drawn on both sides of his shoe straps.
  • There are also Sonic parody comics of many other famous media.

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