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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (often referred to as AoStH for short) is an American animated television series that was first broadcast in September 1993, and has been running in cartoon syndication ever since. It follows the escapades of the popular animated character, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his comrade Miles "Tails" Prower, as they attempt to stop the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his array of vicious robots from taking over the planet Mobius.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a fast-paced cartoon with much slapstick humor, akin to such shows as Ren and Stimpy or Tiny Toons. The show features very few recurring characters, usually just Sonic, Tails, Robotnik and his two hench-bots Scratch and Grounder (with a third robot, Coconuts, appearing often) - however, there are many occasional minor characters and robots too. The plots often loosely follow the storyline of the video games series, although when the cartoon began, the Sonic games were still quite new, and lacking much plot or character development, which was filled in by the show's writers.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was created by DiC Entertainment, which produced a total of 65 episodes for its first season, and was syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment, now BKN International (in the original run, every episode began and ended with the "Bohbot Entertainment Presents" logo). The first episode was "Best Hedgehog" (actually episode 13 in production order, shown September 6) and the last was "Hero of the Year" (episode 60 in production order, shown December 3). DiC ceased production on this comical interpretation to spend more time on its darker interpretation, dubbed just Sonic the Hedgehog (commonly known as SatAM by fans), a series launched on ABC's Saturday morning line-up.

After the original airing, DiC created one more episode in the winter of 1996, "Sonic Christmas Blast", which has features from Sonic the Hedgehog such as Princess Sally in a non-speaking cameo, and has Sonic and Tails visiting Robotropolis, which has a human population and a name pronounced with two "T"s. The letters page of issue #41 of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book promotes the special as "An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas", suggesting that it was originally intended to promote Sonic X-treme, a Sega Saturn game which was eventually canceled due to numerous problems in development; the special's name was changed to match the game that did come out, Sonic 3D Blast.

Voice TalentsEdit


  • Jaleel White, who is the voice of Sonic in both this incarnation, SatAM, Sonic Underground and other Sonic cartoons is mostly known for his role as Steve Urkel on the show Family Matters.
  • In the Chaos Emerald mini-series, Sonic (and Tails) time-traveled using radioactive boots in the first two parts. But in the second half, they switched to using a para-sail and then an electric skateboard. Erroneously, in the final installment, when Sonic and Tails gather help from past versions of themselves, they're all using the skateboard to time-travel rather than their original vehicles.
  • In the last Chaos Emerald episode, we learn that Tails goes to school (or did) due to his statement that he learned something at school (big bang theory) after Sonic recommended it during "Over the Hill Hero".
  • Scratch's third sentence was "Are you my mother?", a reference to P. D. Eastman's famous book "Are You My Mother?"
  • This was the only version of the American cartoons where Robotnik was referred to as "Eggman" in an episode, keeping with the egg-themed insults used by both Sonic and Tails.
  • This was the only animated incarnation until Sonic X to use music from the Sonic video games in any form. The only piece that was constantly reused was the classic title theme from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • During the show, references were made to the Austrian-American governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his most well known role as the Terminator in the episodes Too Tall Tails, The Coachnik and Robolympics.


Episode number Episode name Writer Synopsis
1 The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Pilot episode. When Sonic and Tails are captured by Grounder and Scratch, Sonic tells the duo the story of how they first met, taking place in a flashback. They end up defeating Scratch and Grounder like usual and speed off. Sonic Sez segment: Calling of 911.
2 Subterranean Sonic Robert Askin While escaping Scratch and Grounder in the Marble Zone, Sonic and Tails cross paths with a grumpy, self-centered mole named Spelunk, who does not take kindly to ANY intruders in his mines. Sonic Sez segment: Sharing
3 Lovesick Sonic Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly When Sonic saves a female hedgehog named Breezie, he's in love. However, Tails does not like her. But what Sonic doesn't know is that Breezie is just another evil invention from Dr. Robotnik, created to keep Sonic occupied while Robotnik floods a city ear his fortress. However, Robotnik doesn't count on Breezie genuinely falling in love with Sonic. Sonic Sez segment: Sexual Harassment

The episode is best known for its "Sonic Says" segment, centering around sexual harassment.

4 Slowwww Going Jack Hanrahan & Eleanor Burian-Mohr After trashing the home of a family of sloths, Robotnik returns to his hilltop fortress and introduces the Subatomic Slow-Go Beam Weapon, a Mobian Mega Crystal-powered weapon that drastically curtails the molecular motion of its target. Scratch and Grounder attempt to use it on Sonic... and succeeds. Now, Sonic is just another slo-mo, and it's up to Tails to get him back up to speed. Sonic Sez segment: Slow People
5 High Stakes Sonic Robert Askin Sonic and Tails infiltrate Robotnik's new Casino Night Zone to stop his henchman Smiley the Shark from scamming the Mobians into becoming Robotnik's slaves. Sonic Sez segment: Dares
6 Sonic Breakout Douglas Zip Purgason Robotnik imprisons an obnoxious cartoonist who has made fun of him in his comic book. Sonic Sez segment: Graffiti
7 Trail of the Missing Tails Bob Forward Robotnik's insane cousin Warpnik captures Tails and lures Sonic into his Zone of Confusion as bait for Robotnik.

Sonic Sez segment: Remembering your Phone Number

8 Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind Douglas Zip Purgason Sonic and Tails have to help fix a rocket ship for an alien prince who's late for his coronation. Sonic Sez segment: Sun Burn
9 Momma Robotnik's Birthday Francis Moss It's Momma Robotnik's Birthday and what she wants for a gift is the capture of Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic Sez segment: Trees
10 Big Daddy Jess Borgeson Sonic has to save a baby gorilla's father from Robotnik.
Pierre De Celles, an animation director, described "Big Daddy" as an episode he felt "really proud of." He described the editing as "poor." He described the animation process as taking "4 times longer than usual" since the animator of the episode was deaf and mute; De Celles described his translator as "just great."[1] Sonic Sez segment: Going Out
11 Sonic's Song Kevin Donahue & Donald P. Zappala In response to a popular song about Sonic, Robotnik creates a robot designed to destroy all the music on Mobius. Sonic Sez segment: Hearing
12 Birth of a Salesman Steven J. Fisher, Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Just as Robotnik frustratingly questions his ability to get rid of Sonic with such unreliable aid as Scratch and Grounder, an energetic salesman comes to Robotnik's doorstep introducing himself as Wes Weasley, a representative of the "Handy Dandy Super Villain Appliance Distributors Limited Company". Robotnik takes a liking to Weasley's brash, obnoxious, pushy, rude demeanor and odd attire, and immediately hires the salesman. However, he later regrets it when Wes's gadgets keep backfiring on his minions. Sonic Sez segment: False Advertisement
13 Best Hedgehog Martha Moran Sonic and Tails rescue Robotnik's first prisoner, a hairy man called Lucas, and work to reunite him with his lost girlfriend, Lucinda, whom Robotnik is also after. Sonic Sez segment: Reading
14 The Robotnik Express Doug Booth En route to stop a train of explosives from reaching Robotnik's munitions factory ("The Emporium of Devastation, Destruction, and Demolition"), Sonic and Tails get caught by Scratch and Grounder, only to quickly escape. However, when "Da Bearz" Big Griz and Big Mike arrive and mistake the robots for their heroes, things start to get crazy throughout the train ride. Sonic Sez segment: Strangers
15 Too Tall Tails Rowby Goren Tails and Sonic stop at a place called Weinerville to eat. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik acquires a growth machine from a scientist and accidentally fires it at Tails and making him grow huge. At the same time, Robotnik claims to the villagers that Sonic and Tails are the villains while he is the hero planning to eliminate Tails. Sonic must then find the antidote before Tails gets into any more trouble. Sonic Sez segment: Healthy Diets
16 Tails' New Home Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly After Sonic saves Tails from Scratch and Grounder once again, Sonic does all he can to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. A local pair of storks prove to be too incompetent to safely take in Tails as their adoptive son, and Sergeant Doberman proves to be too dangerous, but Sonic refuses to give up in his search for a loving family for Tails. But when they meet a pair of foxes claiming to be Tails' real parents, it seems too good to be true... and it is, for they're Robotnik's robots in disguise. Upon discovering this, Sonic breaks Tails out yet again, and apologizes for failing to find Tails a family. However, Tails assures him that Sonic himself was his family all along. Sonic Sez segment: Running Away
17 Over the Hill Hero Francis Moss After rescuing the out-of-shape Captain Rescue, Sonic grows tired of his incompetence, which leads to Robotnik tricking him into capturing the hedgehog. Sonic Sez segment: Elders
18 Blank-Headed Eagle Dennis O'Flaherty Scratch suffers a blow to the head and thinks he's TV hero Edgar Eagle. Sonic Sez segment: Seat Belt
19 The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrara During a fair in his honor, Sonic's shoes go missing and he has to resort to detective work to find them. Surprisingly, the culprit is NOT Robotnik. Sonic Sez segment: Stealing
20 So Long Sucker Cydne Clark & Steve Granat Tails adopts a pet from another dimension that grows larger when it gets angry. Sonic Sez segment: Pets
21 Sonic Gets Thrashed Cydne Clark & Steve Granat When Robotnik opens up a resort to make the resident Mobians his slaves, Sonic enlists the help of some robots from an area of Mobius called Scrap Valley. Sonic Sez segment: Rubbish
22 Pseudo Sonic Cliff Macgillivray Robotnik creates a (rather unconvincing) robot look-alike of Sonic with the intent of using it to ruin the hedgehog's reputation. This episode's plot was also used in issue #9 of the Sonic comic book. Sonic Sez segment: Poison Ivy
23 Grounder the Genius Doug Molitor Grounder accidentally puts a "genius chip" in his head, and it makes him so smart that he easily captures Sonic and even takes over Robotnik's operations. Sonic Sez segment: Using Your Brain
24 Tails in Charge Martha Moran When Scratch and Grounder zap Sonic with Robotnik's new freeze ray, Tails has to keep him safe. Sonic Sez segment: Don't Open Your Door to Strangers
25 Sno Problem Sandra Ryan Robotnik introduces the "Ultra Freeze-O-Matic", announcing his plan to freeze every citizen on Mobius so that he can install "Servitude Chips" into the frozen citizens and make them unquestionably obedient. However, when he tries to test it on Mt. Splatterhorn where Sonic and Tails are at, things quickly go crazy. Sonic Sez segment: Bycicle Safety Check
26 Submerged Sonic Bob Forward Robotnik is after the Power Gems from the city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth Zone. Sonic Sez segment: Shallow Water
27 Boogey-Mania Rowby Goren Robotnik reprograms a machine created by Von Schlemmer capable of turning dreams into reality and unleashes a Nightmare Monster upon Mobius.

This episode is most famous for Robotnik's line: "Snooping as usual I see?" (with emphasis placed on the "ping as" part in which it sounds like Robotnik is saying penis). This episode also shows one of the rare moments where Sonic takes off his gloves. Sonic Sez segment: Sleep

28 Musta Been a Beautiful Baby Gordon Bressack Robotnik's attempt to turn Sonic into an old man with his newest device backfires, turning them and Tails into babies. Now stuck in a day-care, the infantile Sonic and Tails must try and keep li'l Robotnik under control, while Scratch and Grounder attempt to get him back. Sonic Sez segment: Tumble Dryers
29 Robotnik Junior Robert Askin Robotnik creates a robot son to help him capture Sonic, but the robot defects to Sonic's side. Sonic Sez segment: Peer Pressure
30 Full Tilt Tails Robert Askin Robotnik makes chewing gum that makes the consumer as fast as Sonic, and then Tails steps on it himself. This episode's plot was later recycled for the Sonic Underground episode "Sonic Tonic". Sonic Sez segment: Smoking
31 MacHopper Doug Booth Robotnik attempts to brainwash a kangaroo who acts like Crocodile Dundee into doing his dirty deeds, but an explosion causes his memory to become unstable. This is also the episode whereby Robotnik has the funniest ever heart attack!Sonic Sez segment: Currents and Riptides
32 Momma Robotnik Returns Francis Moss Mama Robotnik is loose from the Home for Really Bizarre Mothers, and she wants to adopt, of all Mobians, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Sez segment: Obeying Laws
33 Spaceman Sonic Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Sonic and Tails are blasted into space whilst trying to prevent Robotnik from launching a deadly rocket towards a space station. Sonic Sez segment: Colds
34 Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior Doug Booth With help from "Da Bearz", Sonic and co. put a stop to the construction of a Robotnik statue. Sonic Sez segment: Medicine
35 The Last Resort Jess Borgeson Robotnik announces his retirement from villainy, and Sonic is given an all-expense-paid vacation to an island resort in gratitude. Of course, Robotnik's set up the whole thing as a trap for the hedgehog. Sonic Sez segment: Walking Alone
36 Robotnik's Rival Gordon Bressack Robotnik and a rival scientist named Doctor Brandon Quark try to cooperate in capturing Sonic. At first they are successful, but due to Scratch and Grounder's incompetence, Sonic and Tails get away. A stream of attempts from Sonic to make the 2 doctors hate each other (along with Scratch and Grounder tricking Quark's super-intelligent robot, "DOOFUS", into turning against its master) eventually results in their failure. Sonic Sez segment: Cheating
37 The Magic Hassle Douglas Zip Purgason Coconuts acquires a magic wand and magical gadgets from Wes Weasley (after agreeing to forward all payments to Robotnik), and attempts to master them while Robotnik trying to change the released Sonic banknotes into Robotnik money in the Mobius Mint. Sonic Sez segment: Money
38 Sonic the Matchmaker Robert Askin Robotnik captures Breezie and Robotnik Jr. (who has fallen for the former) in order to find out why they betrayed him so he can build the perfect robot wife. Sonic Sez segment: Playground Safety
39 Tails Prevails Bob Forward It's Sonic's Birthday and Tails builds Sonic an interesting gift. Realizing Tails' potential with mechanics, Sonic asks Professor Von Shlemmer to make Tails his research assistant, but then Robotnik captures and impersonates him to get Tails to build his latest anti-Sonic weapon. Sonic Sez segment: Boredom
40 Zoobotnik Rowby Goren An intergalactic bounty huntress comes to capture Sonic and falls in love with Robotnik while doing so, almost marries Robotnik but Sonic ruins the ceremony by inviting Momma Robotnik to the party. Sonic Sez segment: Wild Animals
41 Attack on the Pinball Fortress Bob Forward Robotnik has unleashed his "Stupidity Ray" on Mobius, knowing that the newly-stupifyed Mobians will be too braindead to stop him. As Sonic and Tails make their way to Robotnik's new lair, the Pinball Fortress (a reference to Sonic Spinball, complete with a scorpion-like guard robot remincent of Scorpius from the first stage), they find themselves competing with Wes Weasely and Sergeant Doberman, both of whom want to capture the Stupidity Ray for their own purposes. Sonic Sez segment: Stupidity
42 Mass Transit Trouble Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrara Robotnik plants bombs at three of Mobius' centers of transport (an airport, a lighthouse and a railway station), threatening to cause chaos unless Sonic can effectively be in three places at once. Sonic Sez segment: Bycicle Safety Rules

The episode was later banned in Toon Disney airings because of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

43 Coachnik Doug Molitor Robotnik constructs a pushy P.T. robot in an attempt to increase Scratch and Grounder's fitness. Sonic Sez segment: Warming Up
44 Untouchable Sonic Dennis O'Flaherty Sonic comes to the rescue of a town as it is held to ransom by Robotnik's crime syndicate. A few scenes from the pilot animation are integrated into this episode. Also of note BallHog and Roller are 2 badniks from the first Sonic game on the Sega Genesis. Sonic Sez segment: Gangs
45 Super Robotnik Rowby Goren A chemical accident caused by Coconuts ends up giving Robotnik superpowers, and the mad doctor quickly uses them to threaten Mobius's world leaders and publicly humiliate Sonic. However, Robotnik isn't completely invincible, and Sonic must find a way to exploit the weak chink in Robotnik's newfound powers in an Olympics-style gladiator match. Sonic Sez segment: Chemicals
46 Robolympics Jeffrey Scott An asteroid is heading for Turtle Town and Robotnik offers to save it, but only if Sonic agrees to play in the Robolympics against him and his robots. Sonic Sez segment: Being Active
47 Magnificent Sonic Jeffrey Scott Sonic becomes the sheriff of Tranquil Gulch, in hopes of cleaning out Robotnik's robots from harassing the locals. Sonic Sez segment: Guns
48 Blackbot the Pirate Jeffrey Scott Robotnik goes time-traveling to find four Chaos Emeralds that could make him all-powerful. His first stop is the time of Blackbeard the Pirate, where he enlists the pirate's help (after robo-transmogrifying him, that is) to find the Emerald of Invisibility. However, with help from a local scientist, Sonic and Tails go after him, and thwart his attempts to obtain the Emerald. Sonic Sez segment: Caution with Sharp Objects
49 Hedgehog of the Hound Table Jeffrey Scott Robotnik's next stop is the time of King Arfur and the Knights of the Hound Table to get the Emerald of Invincibility. Sonic and Tails follow him, but Robotnik, with the unwilling help of local wizard Merlynx, obtains the Emerald, magically petrifies Sonic's feet and takes over the kingdom. After escaping and reversing the spell with Merlynx's help, Sonic challenges Robotnik to a jousting match. However, as Robotnik is now invincible, nothing Sonic tries is effective. Tails steals the Emerald while Robotnik is distracted, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are defeated and sent back in time to ancient Rome, where they are attacked by a lion in the Roman Coliseum. Sonic Sez segment: Swimming Alone
50 Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme Jeffrey Scott Robotnik then heads to ancient MobEgypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born. Sonic and Tails go after him, prevent Robotnik from interfering with his ancestors' meeting, and then race to the crypt of Robotnik's ancestor Robotnikhotep, where the Emerald is kept. Robotnik successfully obtains the Emerald, but, with help from his ancestors, Sonic steals it back and sends him, Scratch, and Grounder forward in time to a dogfight during World War II. Sonic Sez segment: Skateboard Safety
51 Prehistoric Sonic Jeffrey Scott Robotnik travels back to prehistoric times to obtain the Emerald of Life, but is once again met with interference by Sonic and Tails. However, despite their best efforts, Robotnik obtains all four Emeralds and uses them to become the Supreme High Robotnik, and then attempts to finish off his nemeses once and for all by sending them back in time to the Big Bang. The duo narrowly escape, and then gather four versions of themselves from earlier points in the timeline and successfully defeat Robotnik. Afterwards, the four extra Sonics and Tailses use Robotnik's time machine to return the Emeralds to their proper owners, and also to destroy the time machine afterwards. Sonic Sez segment: Eletrical Appliance Saftey
52 Baby-Sitter Jitters Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails babysit a trio of baby beavers who are at least as much trouble as Robotnik and get themselves kidnapped at least as often as Tails. Sonic Sez segment: Babysitting
53 Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails are hit by Robotnik's shrink ray and have to work with the citizens of other shrunken cities. The name of this chapter is a reference to the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Sonic Sez segment: Recycling
54 Robotnikland Jeffrey Scott Robotnik takes control of the local amusement park on Sonic's birthday. Sonic Sez segment: Cooking
55 The Mobius 5000 Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails enter a car race in order to save an orphanage that Robotnik threatens to shut it down. Sonic Sez segment: Car Safety
56 The Little Merhog Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails help a merhog hedgehog save her underwater city. Sonic Sez segment: Matches
57 Road Hog Jeffrey Scott Sonic and Tails get sentenced to hard labor for speeding as a result of Robotnik having hypnotized the law through pollen. Sonic Sez segment: Calling for Help
58 The Robots' Robot Jess Borgeson Scratch and Grounder build a robot of their own who soon runs away and ends up befriending Sonic. Sonic Sez segment: Fire
59 Tails' Tale Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly When Sonic mysteriously vanishes, Tails goes looking for him (with help from a pilot and Von Schlemmer), searching in a pyramid. Sonic Sez segment: Computers
60 Hero of the Year Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Wes Weasley pretends to host a roast (actually a clip show) to Sonic that Robotnik is using to trap him. Sonic Sez segment: Alcohol
61 Fast and Easy Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly Robotnik is after Easy Eddie, a pick pocket that took his Chaos Emerald ring that he was going to use to conquer Mobius. Sonic Sez segment: Breakfast
62 Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted Kevin O'Donnell When Throbbin Screech picks Sonic for his program instead of him, Robotnik kidnaps his unnamed niece in order to be featured on the show.

Although it was an insult made by Tails, this episode marks the first use of the name "Eggman" in America, which was Dr. Robotnik's name only in Japan at the time this episode was made until it was brought worldwide in Sonic Adventure. Sonic Sez segment: Vandalism

63 Sonic is Running Doug Molitor When Robotnik announces his campaign for the Mobius presidency (having been threatened by his Mama to do so), Sonic must fight him on a new battleground: politics. Sonic Sez segment: Tooth Pain
64 Robo-Ninjas Francis Moss Robotnik captures a master of martial arts in order to turn Scratch and Grounder into Robo-Ninjas to stop Sonic. Sonic Sez segment: Road Safety
65 Sonically Ever After Gordon Bressack Scratch and Grounder use a ray gun Robotnik invented to transport Sonic, Tails and Robotnik into a book of fairy tales. But when some of the fairy tales come to life under Robotnik's control, Sonic and Tails have to try and give them happy endings to stop Robotnik. Sonic Sez segment: Library

Broadcast HistoryEdit

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was most recently shown weekdays at 8:00 a.m. Central Time on Toon Disney in the USA. Robotnik was also the featured villain occasionally on the "Chillin' with the Villains" marathon block (he was even featured in their commercials). In the UK, AoStH was originally shown on Channel 4 until the show's end; recently it was also shown on the satellite channel POP, until 17 April 2006 when it was replaced with Sonic Underground. It was last shown on that channel as part of a "Sonic Week". The show will move to Boomerang as a part of Boomeraction alongside the other shows in 2009.

  • USA
    • Syndication (1993)
    • USA Network (1995)
    • Toon Disney (1998-2002)
    • Boomerang (TBA 2009)
  • United Kingdom
    • Channel 4 (7 November 1993-1997)
    • The Children's Channel (1995-1998)
    • POP (February 2004 - TBC)
    • ITV2 (2005) (as part of "GMTV2 kids" )
  • Sweden
    • TV3 (Viasat) (1995-1998)
  • Malaysia
    • TV3 (1995-1997)
  • Canada
    • YTV
  • Australia
    • Network Ten (1995-1996)
  • Argentina
    • Magic Kids

VHS/DVD ReleasesEdit

There were 6 VHS tapes released in the US with 2 episodes each per tape. In the UK, there were about 10 tapes released; Volumes 1 to 6 (except Volume 5 which is Quest for the Chaos Emeralds, a 4 parter edited without the title cards) had 3 episodes per tape, High Stakes Sonic/Sonic Breakout and Momma Robotnik's Birthday tapes had 2 episodes each. Also there was a bumper tape released that was roughly 3 hours long. None of the UK videos had the Sonic Says segments included except the episode High Stakes Sonic. It is worth noting that one of these UK videos had four different versions. All of these four had the episode "Sonic Breakout in it." However, in one the other episode was "High Stakes Sonic." In another it was "Slowwww Going" and the final version had all three of these episodes. Also there was a tape with just the Sonic Breakout episode.

Shout! has already released two DVD sets of the series, each with 22 episodes in chronological order, in the United States.

A "Sonic Christmas Blast" DVD was released, which included the episode "Sonic Christmas Blast." The remaining episodes, however, were that of the Sonic Underground cartoon.

In the UK, a DVD release of the show is planned but is currently unknown whether it would be single box set or volume packs. [2]


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